The World Of Webstar

These are by far the tastiest snack/chip I have had in a long time. Glad I gave them a shot. Thanks Walgreen’s! (at Webstar’s Casino & Whorehouse)

Thinking I might get that crab holding a rib logo as a tramp stamp. #crabholdingabarbecuerib #hopefullytheywillletmeeatforfreeforlife #terribleidea (at S & J Crab Ranch)

Accidentally ate the pretzel down to a very questionable shape. #dickpretzel #noreallyitwasanaccident #mustardaddedforphoto (at JD’s Smokehouse)

Big Ass Pretzel!!! Yes please!!! (at JD’s Smokehouse)

Watching the Netherlands play Chile with some friends. You know what they say…”Once you go orange, nothing rhymes with orange.” (at JD’s Smokehouse)

All I could think of every time they showed this man during Ghana’s World Cup games. Had to make this. #ghana #worldcup

It’s a pig in a box! #pigroast2k14

The Slip & Slide is ready for the return of the Ms. April!!! #pigroast2k14

Such a great show!! Sad it is the last time I will see Conditions live. (at The Barbary)

If I lived in Harford County, you’d have my vote!! #greatname (at Maryland Sports Arena)